Keeping up with healthy psychology is just as important as any other part of a healthy lifestyle plan. One that unfortunately is commonly over looked. Setting aside time in your routine to help with a healthy, serene, and focused state of mind is key to incorporating all aspects of your healthy lifestyle.

The mind is an integral part of you and your “machine”. If the body is the “engine” think of the mind as the “computer” or “central processing unit”. It to needs properly maintained and regulated with healthy lifestyle practices to ensure proper functionality and an over healthy dynamic of your personal self.

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Tips for Healthy Psychological Practices

Having healthy cognitive functions

Begin to incorporate healthy cognitive practices in your everyday life. Find your cognitive stressors and begin to research how to alleviate them through various practices.

Knowing your mood & what it means

We all have our good and bad days and that’s ok. Know that it’s ok to be upset, sad and mad sometimes. Be in touch with yourself and understand why you have these feelings. Understanding your mood will help you incorporate healthy cognitive practices into your daily routine.

Calming cognitive practices

There are many styles of calming coginitive practices. Sitting calmly in a quite room for a moment of self reflection. Enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea in a soothing environment. Listening to pleasant music. All of these are examples of healthy cognitive practices.


The ancient practice of sitting quietly in reflection can be very nurturing and healing to the psyche. Whether you’re focusing on your breathing and counting or simply allowing the mind to wander unrestrained any type of peaceful cognitive practice can help your healthy lifestyle.

More tips for Healthy Psychological Practices

Making time for youself

It is common to be constantly on the go. Working towards career, family and personal goals. These are healthy practices, yes, however, it is critical to set aside even just a few moments a day and allow yourself to clear your mind and have some peace.

Healthy and unhealthy environments

Figuring out what is a healthy and unhealthy environment for you is good practice as these can either put your psyche into a state of discord or peace. Knowing these environmental triggers can increase your healthy lifestyle goals.

Sensory overload

Part of our daily lives means being surrounded by all types sensory emitting stimuli. Unwelcomed music, the simple “hum” and buzz of daily life, cell phones, tv’s, social media channels and a miriad of other stimuli can leave the mind simply exhausted. Take time to “unplug”; allow your mind to heal and recharge.


Yoga is synonymous with proper body and mind practices and maintenance. If Yoga is something that interests you do some research. Talk to people that practice and teach the art. There are multiple styles and practices. Find out if Yoga is indeed right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many practices in every culture that advise on healthy cognitive functions. The key to remember is attempting to slow down the mind. Attempt to be at peace even if it is only for a few moments a day. Breathing and stretching are excellent practices as well as meditation.

Whether or not you are a novice or expert in the healthy psychological arena there are always areas you can improve. If you’re curious do some research. Read articles on the latest practices then cross check for validation. Get multiple opinions and attempt different practices to find what works best for you.

Is Yoga right for me?

Yoga has a wide variety of styles and practices. Meditation, stretching, and breathing exercises are some examples. Yoga can help to calm the mind. However, like anything, don’t push too hard. If something doesn’t feel right, stop. If something isn’t comfortable, adjust. Whether you feel Yoga is right for you or not is up to you. Stretching increases blood flow and mobility. Breathing exercise helps maintain a healthy stasis. Meditation helps quite the mind and allows for rejuvination. These practices are helpful in any application, that doesn’t mean it has to be Yoga.

How can I calm my mind?

In the Western culture, it is very common place for one to have a highly active thought process and cognitive function. Our society has a very fast paced functionality to it which can be very effective when needed. However, like anything, staying in “high gear”‘ all the time will lead to your mind constantly racing and most likely an eventual “burn out” of sorts. Taking time out of your day to enjoy the simple things, whatever that may be to you is important. It allows for reflection an allows the mind to slow down and focus on very fews thing which helps recharge the batteries.

Is the practice of "unplugging" really something to consider?

“Unplugging” is not a new frame of thought be any extent but it is starting to circulate as a popluar cultural reference. “Unplugging” simply means getting away from television, social media and yes even the internet. It’s about just “being” in the current moment without being affected by any type of media. This can be an very healthy practice for centering the self and calming ones mind.

Living a fuller, healthier more robust and exciting lifestyle is within every single person. It simply takes commitment and desire.

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