Knowing your bodies physiological makeup, what makes you…you, is extremely important in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is knowing your body type and metabolism, to monitoring your blood type and even knowing your bone density are all important parts in establishing an effective and healthy lifestyle plan that is manageable and catered to you specifically.

The body is essentially a machine. With proper maintenance, “tune-ups”, and “fuel” you will lead a healthy life. This means you will feel better, have increased energy which will inherently make you more productive because you are taking care of your “engine” properly. Knowing everything there is to know; having a great working relationship with medical professionals, is vital in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Your Health Connection is dedicated to helping you live a long, healthy and enjoyable life. Our team of experts comes to you with 25 plus years in the Health and Fitness Field. We hope to bring you awareness to certain diseases and illness and inspire you and guide you with the knowledge you need and desire to stay healthy and fit. Our Articles are written by experts in the Medical field, insights from real people and the latest news in Health, Medicine and Fitness. At Your Health Connection, we hope to help you make the best decisions possible in stressful and the difficult times in your life with the help of the articles and videos we publish. Your Health Connection has been an entrepreneur in Service and Health and Fitness related fields throughout the United States.

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Tips for improving Medical Practices

Get regular check ups

No matter what your age, regular check ups with your doctor are critical in monitoring your health and overall well being. Flagging potential obsticles early to incorporate and execute an effective action plan is accomplished with regular check ups to your doctor.

Know you blood type

There are 4 blood types. Knowing which type is yours is very important for emergency reasons as well phisiological reasons. the body works in different ways with different types of blood. Knowing your’s you can efficiently plan out a healthy lifestyle routine that caters to these variables.

Know your efficient and inefficient body processes

People produce & digest enzymes, minerals, and nutrients differently. Your body may need help in certain areas and have an abundance in others. It may have trouble breaking down certain nutrients but not others. Knowing this information helps cater an effective healthy lifestyle plan to your specific needs.

Know what you doctor knows about you

There is a lot of difficult vocabulary to understand in the medical arena for the average person. If you have questions, ask. There is nothing your doctor won’t explain to you more cohesively if you simply ask. We all have questions, ask them all, even if there are a 100.

More tips for improving Medical practices

Know your body type

There are three main body types Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic and Endomorphic. Knowing which type you possess will greatly increase your understanding of how your body processes work as well as how you body sees and what it does with all its nutrients.

Work with your body's metabolism

Metabolism’s change depending on your body type as well as age. We all remember being a teenager and being able to eat anything. Understanding and monitoring your metabolism is paramount in an effective healthy lifestyle plan.

Be in tune with your body's develoments

Establishing and cultivating a healthy lifestyle plan and routine are a fantastic start in transitioning to a residual healthy lifestyle. Know that things change. Adjusting your healthy lifestyle to compensate for these changes is key in healthy lifestyle maintenance.

Stop "just dealing with it" body maintenance

We are all guilty of it. The “I’ll be ok” or “I’m just dealing with it”, type of outlook when it comes to our bodies. However, if something is wrong, ask your Doctor. Could it be nothing, yes. It could also be something substanital. It’s better to be safe then sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to questions about Medical advice there a lot, we all know that and you know what? That’s ok. Ask them all. Consult a professional, ask them to break things down for you if you need it. Know everything about everything that is going on inside your body. Information is key in monitoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. o find out as much as you can.

At Your Health Connection we give advice on cultivating and incorporating a healthy lifestyle plan and rountine as well as ways of monitoinrg, maintaining and adjusting where necassary. It is very important to know what your Doctor’s say in regards to adding such a platform to your life. Always consult with a professional first.

Why is knowing my blood type important to my healthy lifestyle?

The obvious reasons for knowing your blood type are for emergency purposes and are quite valid points. From a healthy lifestyle stand point you knowing you blood type can increase your knowledge on certain strengths and weaknesses of each type and help to create an action plan to improve the weak areas while maintaining the strong areas.

I haven't seen the doctors in a very long time, what should I do?

First off know that you are not alone if this describes you. Millions of people go years without seeing doctors for one reason or another. The biggest hurdle in this case is making an appointment and keeping it. Get a full work up and physical so you can understand were your current health levels are and what you can do to improve.

Why is knowing my body type so important?

Knowing whether or not you have an endomorphic, mesomorphic or ectomorphic body type is critical in understanding how your body processes and stores nutrients. Knowing this can help integrate an effective nutrition plan as well as work out routine which will maximize your body’s natural metabolic processes creating an optimal lifestyle inside your body’s natural physiology.

Living a fuller, healthier more robust and exciting lifestyle is within every single person. It simply takes commitment and desire.

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