One of the keys to an overall healthy lifestyle is maintaining a healthy level of fitness. Here we’ll cover some of the basics for those new to the world of fitness. Attaining and maintaining a healthy level of fitness is pivotal for a healthy lifestyle. Having a sensible and sustainable fitness regime will pay dividends for life.

There are several different types of exercise that can be used in a fitness regime. Cardio is common for regimes that desire fat burning and toning. Anaerobic is common for those desiring to bulk up with heavy weight training. Here at Your Health Connection we offer tips and insights on both types of fitness regimes.

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Keys to effective Fitness

Have a check up with your doctor

This is a vital part in creating a health fitness dynamic. Know your capabilities and potential risks before starting and fitness regime.

Get Started

Most think this is the most difficult step and it is but get out there; even if it only starts at a 10-minute walk a day. It’s still a start.

Go at a steady pace

After the initial sore and achy muscles go away you will find a surge of energy. A common human adage is that more is always better. Stay steady and stick to your regime. This will ensure proper body transformation without drastic fluxuations.

Set Goals

Part of any fitness regime is to set goals. Whether they be in strength or aerobic training; setting levels to advance in a healthy way is crucial to success.

More Keys to effective Fitness

Enhance Mobility

Find ways to break the monatony of stagnation. Many people are office workers which does not require much physical activity. If you’re close to work ride a bike; on your lunch break go for a quick run. Use your imagination.

Begin Strength Training

Aerobics is great for the heart and lungs as well as a fantastic way of getting the body into shape quick. Take the next step and start increasing muslce strength with strength training.

Take Time to Rest

A lot of people forget this step when they first start out but it is vitally important. The muscles need time to heal from your new fitness regime. Make sure to take time to recover.

Make it Fun!

Adherence to a fitness regime an important key in overall fitness success. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing then your’e unlikely to succeed in your long term goals. Find what you like to do. You will stick with that and thus bring success to your long term fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to get discouraged and confused when you incorporate a new fitness regime and don’t see the results you think you should on the scale. The truth is muscle weighs more than fat. You may be putting losing fat and putting on muscle which means you may not see a noticeable increase on the scale. Some have even seen weight gain which is not a bad thing in terms of a health lifestyle.

Proper diet along with a healthy fitness regime will promote and provide a healthy lifestyle. This means you will have more energy, feel better and have a better handle on a healthy future. Focusing solely and weight loss is not the most imperical evidence of a successful fitness regime.

Do I need a personal Trainer?

This depends on your goals. Trainers are a great asset to have for motivation, techniques, information, advice and a rountine schedule. If it is not in the budget for a daily trainer you may consult with one on personal goals and an overall healthy fitness action plan.

Will I bulk up if I strength train?

This is a common question and has a variable answer. If your goal is to bulk up then yes you will eventually with proper techniques increase your muscle mass. This does not mean if you train with weights you will automatically increase your muscle mass. Weight training can be incorporated to tone and tighten without large gains in muscle mass.

Are there different types of metabolisms?

Yes but technically they are classified as body types. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Knowing your body type and creating a fitness regime that compensates for the given type helps your body maximize your daily fitness efforts.

Living a fuller, healthier more robust and exciting lifestyle is within every single person. It simply takes commitment and desire.

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