Introducing a healthy nutrition plan into your healthy lifestyle routine is critical. This is the “fuel” for the “engine” and “computer”. Without a healthy nutrition plan incorporated, monitored, and tracked in your daily routine you are not harnessing nor optimizing your overall healthy lifestyle plan and goals.

A healthy diet consists of enough calories for your overall goals as well as the types of calories you need to achieve these goals. Also trying different cultural diverse foods can be a great way of gaining different nutrients while tasting some fantastic dishes that you may have never otherwise been exposed to. As with everything proper research, advice, and validation is key before introducing any healthy nutrition plan into your daily life.

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Key points for an effective diet


Though there are many vital vitamins, a few of them top the list for importance. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D.  Suppliments and muti-vitamins both contain high levels of these crucial vitamins, but as with most things it is better to get them from your fruits and vegtables.


Minerals not only help with organ health and development but help realease energy from foods.


Most people shy away from fats, however some good fats are key to good health.  Fats from nuts and protein rich foods can help long term energy release.

Essential Fibers

Whole foods, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, provide dietary fiber. Fiber can prevent certain diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and can manage constipation.

More key points to an effective diet

Proper meal schedule

The age old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is, well, true. It kickstarts the metabolism and gets the “engine” started. Eating at consistent times throughout your day also gets your body into a routine which helps optimize your nutrients and metabolism.

Avoid eating before bed

While it is tempting to have that midnight snack it is not a healthy option to intake substantial calories before you go to sleep. This habit promotes weight gain and confuses to body’s metabolism.

Occasional treats

Want that cupcake or cookie? It really is ok, even in a healthy lifestyle plan to treat yourself, in fact, it is encouraged. The occasional treat will not drastically effect your health lifestyle diet and choices in the long run. It is the over abundance of indulging in these treats that is a detriment.

Being balanced

Only consuming one type of calorie, or rejecting certain types is not a healthy choice in the long run for a sustained healthy lifestyle. Monitoring your intake of all caloric intake to maintain the healthy guidelines is a preferred practice for a sustainable, healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many are concerned at what type of diet is best for them. There are different diets and nutrition plans for different goals. It really depends on what you are looking for in the short, medium and long term. Balanced is always a great option, however, there are multiple healthy nutrition plans that one can incorporate.

Knowing the results you are trying to acheive as well as your body and blood type will help you select the correct healthy nutrition plan. Some are looking to fill out while others are looking to slim down. Some may want a cleanse and others a general balanced plan. We have some of these options covered in our custom healthy nutrition plans available in our store

Are carbs healthy and safe?
As with a lot in dietary needs. There are good and bad. Like good and bad cholesterol as well as fats. With carbs, this is no different. Depending on the desired results you are trying to achieve a low carb diet may be right for you. That, however, does not mean that carbs are not healthy across the board.
Should I become a vegetarian?
Becoming a vegetarian is a personal choice. The human body is designed to digest all types of nutrients. There is nothing in a healthy lifestyle plan that says being a vegetarian is correct or incorrect. The only thing a vegetarian needs to be concerned with is compensating their diet for the nutrients not being ingested from muscle protein. This can be done with all natural or processed supplements.
What if I cheat on my diet?
It is common to be tempted by all the tasty treats out there and you know what? It’s ok to cheat occasionally. As long as it is not in unhealthy excess and is moderation. So go ahead and have a cheat day, just make sure a day doesn’t turn into days, weeks, and months.

Living a fuller, healthier more robust and exciting lifestyle is within every single person. It simply takes commitment and desire.

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