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Here at Your Health Connection, we have a complete mind, body, and lifestyle healthy unification concept designed to advise every aspect of someone’s life. 

Your Health Connection

Edwards Productions has a long history of successful experience in television programing. The Principle, John Edwards has more than 28 years experience in the broadcast industry. As a result, Your Health Connection is destined for success.

Your host Brenda Edwards, a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach holds a certificate in holistic and health coaching, CPR certified and a group exercise Instructor for the past 20 years.  Brenda has vast experience in sport supplementation and can help you reach your fitness goals. 

The second generation of the Edwards family, Brooke Edwards holds a degree in Health Science with a concentration in Community Health and is certified in sports nutrition and personal training.

The Edwards are committed to helping others find their way to wellness through better nutrition, fitness and sharing cutting edge news in the health industry. 

Developing and Maintaining a Complete Healthy Lifestyle.


3 Phase System

Here at Your Health Connection we advise and monitor progress in three key areas of life: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Fitness.


Advice on proper diet and nutritional substances that advocate health living.


Additional elements that can be added to ones diet to enhance desired results.


Insight from experts in the medical field on the do’s and don’ts of living a healthy lifestyle


Caring for the mind is just as important as caring for the body. We offer tips on cognitive practices to incorporate.

Works outs

Ruitines and scheudles, tips and tricks to maximze every session you have.

Body Building

Tips on maximizing the bodies potential from the world of body buidling.

Structure, routine and discipline are the key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Below are some of our classes and events coming up!

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A little more about your host Brenda Edwards

Brenda Edwards has been a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and Group Exercise Instructor for the past 20 years. Before becoming a personal trainer, Brenda Ran Races in UpState New York and Canada where she was born and raised. Brenda was a Figure Competitor (Bodybuilder) before moving on to Women’s Physique Category which she has competed and qualified for Nationals. Brenda is a Competition Coach Prep: She offers, Nutrition plans, programs (exercise design) as well as Posing Workshops to get you ready for the stage. Brenda also owns an airbrush company called “Bronzed Beauties by Brenda” that adds that special touch to your physique. For free tips and information view Brenda’s two pages and “Like” them on facebook “Nutrition Now By Brenda” and “Bodies Built By Brenda”. Be sure to visit her page “Bronzed Beauties by Brenda”.

Everyone knows Brenda for her passion of helping others. She makes sure they succeed at achieving their fitness goals. You can get in Touch with Brenda for her services by emailing her at: brenda@yourhealthconnection.tips

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