Blood pressure is the force in the arteries when the heart beats (systolic) and when the heart is at rest (diastolic). If the force in your arteries is high for a long period of time and goes uncontrolled, it could cause damage to your vessels, which furthers the progression of heart disease.
Hypertension is known as the “silent Killer” because you may not even know you have it, as there are sometimes no symptoms. When your blood pressure stays high it can lead to plaque build -up in the arteries, heart failure, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.
There are many risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure. If you are age 60 or over, if you are Hispanic or African-American, if you have diabetes, kidney disease or heart disease and if you have a family history of high blood pressure
To help prevent high blood, follow a heart-healthy diet, don’t smoke, limit alcohol intake, manage stress, be physically active and maintain a healthy body weight.

Systolic: Less than 120
Diastolic: Less than 80
Result: Great!

Systolic: 120-139
Diastolic: 80-89
Result: Your blood pressure could be a problem. Make changes in your diet. Increase exercise and physical activity and lose weight.

Systolic: 140 or higher
Diastolic: 90 or higher
Result: You have high blood pressure. See your doctor about how to get your blood pressure under control.

– Brenda Edwards

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