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Whole grain has the entire kernel of the grain from the bran to the endosperm to the germ.

Whole wheat, on the other hand, has the bran and germ removed during the refining process and is left containing only the endosperm along with the loss of some of the nutritional value. In Fact, Whole wheat flour has half of the nutrients stripped away

Whole Grain FLOUR IS NOT REFINED AND Therefore maintains its full nutritional value.  Whole grain bread is a good source of B vitamins and fiber and is lower in fat than whole wheat bread.


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The Path of Sugar: the destructive circuit of a can of soda: Sugar has been found to increase cardiac tissue inflammation, which can damage the heart and result in heart disease and diabetes.

After ingestion, sugar moves to the liver, where it is broken down. An oversupply of sugar in the liver results in its conversion to fat or when there’s a consistent overload, too much sugar can lead to diabetes.  Diabetes starts like this; if an overload of sugar is ingested, the liver signals the pancreas to pump out copious amounts of insulin the hormone that helps cells use the broken-down sugar for energy.  In people who have insulin resistance, cells can’t use insulin effectively, so the pancreas has to keep pumping out more.  Eventually, the pancreas can’t keep up, and the result is type 2 diabetes.  Approximately 29 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year and it is the cause of more deaths than breast cancer and Aids combined. 

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